CO Backstage Pass allows photographers to learn by gaining MONTHLY access to behind the scenes videos of our wedding and portrait sessions and tutorials.  Become our virtual second shooter!





Conferences are great, BUT they’re expensive, time-consuming and it’s just information OVERLOAD!  Why invest $1000’s on conferences and workshops when you can have access to CO Backstage Pass for ONLY $29.95 a month at your own leisure?



In 2018, we, Craig and Unchong, of Craig Obrist Photography have celebrated 10 years of being wedding photographers.  With hundreds of weddings, countless portrait sessions, publications and awards under our belt, our passion is to share with you ALL of our knowledge and experiences so that YOU can have the successful photography business you’re dreaming of. Each month, you will receive a full behind the scenes video of a REAL wedding or a REAL portrait session AND an in depth tutorial on one specific technique or business topic. And not just that! You will also be part of the "CO Backstage Pass Community", a closed group on Facebook, to ask each other questions, give each other advice and develop relationships. (Yes! Craig and Unchong will be part of this community.) Giving you solutions to your problems is our goal so that you can reach a higher level of success every month.  Your business deserves a small investment of ONLY $29.95 a month.  Hey, that’s not even a dinner and a movie date night!  That small investment will multiply in priceless ways.  With CO Backstage Pass, you are not just subscribing to yet another behind the scenes video of a photographer that will entertain you, but after watching our videos, you will walk away with skills that you can practically apply to your business.


Subscription to the CO Backstage Pass is like being “on set” with us!


It's simple... just SUBSCRIBE!

With a monthly payment of ONLY $29.95, you receive access to:

  • Current month’s BTS video of either a wedding or a portrait session that becomes available every 1st of the month.
  • Current month’s tutorial video on a specific technique or topic that becomes available every 15th of the month.
  • Membership to our “CO Backstage Pass Community” Facebook closed group with our other subscribers. Craig and Unchong will be active members of this community.
  • You can cancel anytime.


HURRY and receive all of our downloadable template emails! You can immediately apply these to your business workflow! Limited time offer!


No, you are given access for the current month’s videos until the end of the next month.  For example, March 10th subscribers will have access to March’s videos until April 30th.  And every 1st and 15th of the month, you will receive new content. 

Absolutely!  You can learn so much from our portrait session videos and even from our wedding videos. Posing and lighting is throughout the entire wedding, so apply those techniques to your portrait sessions!

No, it does not matter what level of photography you’re in.  The BTS videos give you a real life experience of a real wedding or portrait session that we all need.  Every wedding or portrait session is different (which is one of the challenges), so you will learn something each month.  The tutorial videos will be very easy to follow. Also, “CO Backstage Pass Community”, closed group on Facebook will be a great resource for you to ask questions after viewing the videos!

Yes, of course! We appreciate your referrals very much and thank you for spreading the word about CO Backstage Pass! There's something for you too!  You will get $10 off your next month's payment, but the only way you'll get this is if they type in your full name at the "Refer by:" field before checking out. So for example, if you refer 2 friends in one month, you'll get $20 off your next month's payment!  We agree... it's awesome!

No, they’re not and in fact, it’s illegal to duplicate, manipulate or share them in any way. This is for the subscriber’s use only.

I don't know why you would, but yes, you can cancel anytime.

Have more questions?  We are here to help.  Ask us anything!

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