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In 2018, we, Craig and Unchong, of Craig Obrist Photography have celebrated 10 years of being wedding photographers.  With hundreds of weddings, countless portrait sessions, publications and awards under our belt, our passion is to share with you ALL of our knowledge and experiences so that YOU can have the successful photography business you’re dreaming of. Each month, you will receive a full behind the scenes video of a REAL wedding or a REAL portrait session AND an in depth tutorial on one specific technique or business topic. And not just that! You will also be part of the "CO Backstage Pass Community", a closed group on Facebook, to ask each other questions, give each other advice and develop relationships. (Yes! Craig and Unchong will be part of this community.) Giving you solutions to your problems is our goal so that you can reach a higher level of success every month.  Your business deserves a small investment of ONLY $49.95 a month.  Hey, that’s not even a dinner and a movie date night!  That small investment will multiply in priceless ways.  With CO Backstage Pass, you are not just subscribing to yet another behind the scenes video of a photographer that will entertain you, but after watching our videos, you will walk away with skills that you can practically apply to your business.

To be honest, it’s easy to find educational videos on how to take a “pretty” picture... at which angle and where to put your subject, for example. However, most photographers don’t lack the art of capturing a photo; what they do lack are the technical skills of utilizing off camera flash, posing their subjects, and growing a business that consistently books clients with great marketing and customer service. Wedding photography is unique in that you have to make the epic photos happen regardless of light (or the lack of), weather, bridal party, family situations, time restraints and the indescribable pressure and stress of a wedding day. Your environment is not controlled like a studio or a styled shoot. There are so many variables and YOU as the professional photographer have to know how to work in any condition and consistently deliver quality each and every time you shoot, and with CO Backstage Pass, you will learn the reality of the business and gain the tools to enjoy the good and conquer the obstacles.  

 You’ll be able to see how we interact with each other, our second shooters, our clients, family and guests and other vendors. You will see our highlights and mistakes and everything in between. We want to be REAL with you and show you all that’s involved on a wedding day. There is no shortage of glamour out there in our social media world, but we are wiling to share the nitty gritty, the dirty, the nasty and the true reality that you deserve to know!  Business ownership and wedding photography is wonderful, but it also comes with many headaches and endless challenges that after 10 years, we are STILL continuing to learn. So, join us in this journey and grow yourself and your business! When you subscribe to CO Backstage Pass, you are subscribing to knowledge rich videos that will teach you technical and business skills that you need to succeed so that you can become your own boss and have the flexible lifestyle that you’ve been wanting.  Every month you watch, you will gain new knowledge to apply to your photography and business which will change your life!


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